Beside Raja Ampat, Here are 6 Interesting Papua Facts to Know – As is well-known, Papua is the easternmost island in Indonesia. This island is famed for being rich in natural resources such as minerals, gas, and oil. Not only that, Papua also has the Raja Ampat Islands. These islands are popular among local and foreign tourists because of their underwater beauty. Even as stated by some divers Raja Ampat is one of the best dive sites in the world.

Apparently apart from being known for its natural wealth and Raja Ampat, Papua still has a series of unique things to explore. Quoted by from various sources, here are 6 interesting facts from Papua.

1. The only snowy area in Indonesia

At the top of Mount Jayawijaya there is a snowy area. This phenomenon is caused by the high altitude of the peak, which is up to 4,884 masl. The height of the peak makes the temperature over there very cold. Even, every 100 meters the temperature will drop 1 degree.

2. There are 268 regional languages

The reasons for the many regional languages ​​in Papua include colonialism, interaction with other local tribes and fellow Papuans, and other non-scientific activities. Regional languages ​​found in Papua include Abinomn, Asmat, Baham, Citak, Dani, and Mekwei languages.

3. Traditional bags acknowledged by UNESCO

Papua has a traditional bag called Noken. This bag is made of bark fiber and is made by weaving or knitting. Uniquely, Noken is carried with the head, not carried on the back or slung over the shoulder like a bag in general. Because of its uniqueness, Noken was made one of the traditional works and world cultural heritage by UNESCO on December 4, 2012.

4. Caves with a depth of more than 1,000 meters

The cave, located in the Lina Mountains area, Irameba Village, Anggi District, Manokwari Regency, was discovered by an expedition team from France. The depth of the cave is estimated at 2,000 meters.

5. The tattoo culture of the Sentani tribe

Moi, and Waropen, the people of these three tribes have known tattoos since prehistoric times or about 3,000 years ago. Tattoo culture was brought by Austronesian and Asian people who moved to West Papua. The tattoo material consists of wood burning charcoal mixed with tree sap and then sago thorns or fish bones are dipped into the mixture.

6. Gathering of endemic animals

An animal can be called endemic if it is not found in other areas. Papua is one of the places of origin for various endemic animals. These animals include birds of paradise, black-winged parrots, spotted carpet sharks, golden coat tree kangaroos, and cassowaries.

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