Benefits of 4,000 BTS 4G in Papua and West Papua – The Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology or BAKTI Kominfo will build 4,000 Base Transceiver Stations or 4G BTS in Papua and West Papua.

For the first phase, BAKTI Kominfo will build the telecommunications infrastructure of 2,765 4G BTS consisting of three packages. The detail: 2,220 in Papua and 545 in West Papua.

A Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate said the construction of 4G BTS in Papua and West Papua, especially in mountainous areas such as in the Bintang Mountains Regency and Keerom Regency, was not an easy job.

“However, we must face this challenge. We must succeed,” he said via teleconference to reporters who were at the 4G BTS in Jember Village, Kowe District, Keerom Regency, Papua, Thursday (21/4).

It is because, to bring materials for the construction of 4G BTS in 3T areas (front, remote, and underdeveloped) in Papua and West Papua, it cannot be done by land, but must be by air.

“You have to use a helicopter. For carrying goods, the helicopter must be special, because the carrying capacity is large,” said Johnny. “Not to mention the weather resistance”.

According to Meita Dwivernia, a Head of Supply Chain Management of PT Infrastruktur Bisnis Sejahtera, a partner of BAKTI Kominfo for BTS material delivery, the total weight of one telecommunication tower reaches 10 tons.

The material for one 4G BTS consists of 51 items, including for fences and building materials such as cement. But, “The material weighing 10 tons does not include sand and gravel,” said Meita.

Johnny added, the existence of 4G BTS is to lead the people of Papua and West Papua to migrate to the digital era. “So that together with brothers from other provinces in Indonesia we are equal and on an equal footing with other nations in the world,” he stressed.

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