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Being Proud, a Papuan Student Become 1st Winner of Korean Speech Contest

goodmorningpapua.com – Not only have a myriad of achievements in the field of sports, young talents from Papua have many achievements in pursuing a career in the world of work and education. One of the proofs of Papuan youth having brilliant achievements in the world of education is represented by a native Papuan son, Izak Semuel Ongge. Indeed, since childhood, Izak has dreamed of developing Papua through his education and talents.

Izak Semuel Ongge, an Indonesian student from Papua, made an achievement in the Korean Speech Contest organized by Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul (PSPS), Yeungnam University where he studied for his master’s degree.  Izak Semuel Ongge indeed is a student who is currently continuing his master’s studies at Yeungnam University in South Korea since February 2021.

The speech competition entitled “2021 PSPS Saemaul Spirit Korean Speech Contest” was held on Friday (15/10/2021) at the Convention Hall, Chunma Arts Center, Yeungnam University, which was attended by dozens of PSPS International Students from Indonesia, Myanmar, Ghana. , Tanzania, Cameroon, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Costa Rica.

On that occasion, Fairuz Rafidah Aflaha, a student who also came from Indonesia, came out as 3rd place winner. The jury in the contest were the Deans and Professors from PSPS Yeungnam University. In the contest, 5 students from Indonesia were participating in their education at PSPS Yeungnam University.

In the speech competition, according to Izak, the participants were given the opportunity to choose the theme of the speech competition.

“Each participant is given the opportunity to choose the theme to be presented in the speech competition, including, “PSPS for Me”, “My Life in Korea” and “The Happiest Moments in My Life”. Izak said when contacted by MNC Portal Indonesia, Monday (18/10/2021) last night.

 Izak did not suspect to come up as the winner with the title of first place in the speech competition using the Korean language.

“I didn’t suspect to be 1st place in this competition, I just wanted to participate and gain experience while I was studying here. I’m just trying to appear relaxed, delivering a speech in my style, and giving a few jokes so that the audience who is watching can share my life experiences in Korea,” said Izak Semuel Ongge, to MNC Portal Indonesia, during a conversation via cell phone, Monday. (18/10/2021) last night.

Izak Semuel Ongge is a native Papuan son who is currently an ASN at the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia since 2015 with the rank of Tk.I (III/b). At present, this single youth is continuing his study in the Youngnam University in South Korea since February 2021.

On that occasion, this 29-year-old graduate of Cenderawasih University International Relations gave a special message to the young generation of Papua to be able to develop themselves in accord with the talents that God has given to each individual. Izak asked the golden generation from Papua to be able to use their youth with positive things.

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