Being Closer to the Best Coffee from Papua’s Bintang Mountains – Bintang Mountains is well-known as the best Arabica coffee producer. The Bintang Mountains are the highlands of Papua, directly adjacent to the Western Province, Papua New Guinea.

The Ngalum ethnic live on steep mountain slopes and small valleys, in the scattered and isolated districts. This coffee is typical of berry, orange, peach or apricot flavors.

The Bintang Mountains are famous for producing Arabica Typica coffee. Organically grown in semi-forest gardens, only relying on the favor of nature, without fertilizing because of the soil is already fertile.

This Arabica Typica coffee is grown organically in Okbibab District, Okbab District and Kiwirok District at an altitude of about 1900 to 2000 MDPL.

Cold temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius, less sunlight intensity, makes the nutrients stored in Arabica typica coffee beans higher and tastes better and has a sharp aroma.

The harvested coffee cherries are peeled by hand so as to produce optimal quality. By farmers, coffee cherries are processed with semi wash.

The Bintang Mountain Arabica coffee was first introduced to the Ngalum ethnic group in Okbibab in 1972 by Father Piet Van Der Stap. He was a Dutch missionary.

The coffee seeds are imported from Moanemani, Dogiyai, the highlands of western Papua. Two months ago, the Bintang Mountain coffee stock in Jayapura City was lacking because there were no pioneer airplanes transporting coffee. Currently, the supply of Bintang Mountain Arabica coffee in Jayapura City has returned to normal.

Pioneer airlines have served flights to the interior of the Bintang Mountains, pioneering airports are safe to land.

As is known, going toward and from the Star Mountains can only be accessed using air transportation. Both commercial airlines and pioneer airlines.

These flights are subject to frequent foggy weather conditions and the local district security situation.

Mountain Bintang arabica coffee was sent to Sentani, Jayapura using a small plane. Then, from Sentani, they were sent to other big cities in Indonesia. Delivery of coffee from the Bintang Mountains depends on the weather conditions and local security conditions.

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