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Being Able to Improve Education Quality, a Head of Tradition of Anim Ha Supports the Establishment of South Papua Province

goodmorningpapua.com – The plan for the establishment of the Province of South Papua has received support. A Head of Tradition of Anim Ha in Merauke Regency, Mappi Regency, Boven Digoel Regency, and Asmat Regency, Papua, Paskalis Imadawa agrees that there is a New Autonomous Region (DOB) in Papua.

He stated that the reason for supporting the South Papua New Guinea was to hope that there would be justice in equitable development. Both infrastructure development, infrastructure and human resource development.

“So we in Southern Papua are very far behind those around Jayapura and the Mountains. Even our employees or officials have not been promoted at all to the provincial level,” he said, Tuesday (10/5).

Paskalis emphasized that the struggle to realize the formation of the South Papua New Guinea had gone very far and there was no word for rethinking. He conveyed honestly, gracefully, most of the Papuan people want the new autonomous regions to be present in Papua as soon as possible.

“In terms of human resources, especially education, those who enjoy special autonomy funds education, education abroad has a 1000 doctoral program, which was announced by the Governor. But those who enter are children from the mountains, children around Jayapura and children from Sorong,” explained Paskalis.

Paskalis revealed that the development and improvement of the quality of education in Southern Papua has not been touched at all. Therefore, Paskalis wants DOB to be executed as soon as possible. He also doesn’t care about the rejection in Central Papua, the Mountains.

“Let them turn down but we don’t. So don’t be generalized by the top brass of the Republic of Indonesia, Papuans reject the new autonomous regions. We fully support the new autonomous regions for equitable development,” he added.

His party confirmed that they had unanimously supported the new autonomous regions from the South. “The majority support,” he said. Paskalis added that the expansion could help accelerate development in Papua Province.

“DOB, especially the discourse on the expansion of the South Papua Province (PPS) must be supported because the reach of the Papua Province is very wide. So the expansion can bring services closer to the community. And I think the people of Merauke need the division of districts and provinces,” he said.

He also hopes that the central government, Papua regional government and Merauke Regency will immediately push so that the process of forming the South Papua Province can be realized soon.

“Considering that the south of Papua is vast, there are only four regencies, if there is a division of regencies or provinces, I think this will accelerate the welfare of the people. And the people in Merauke Regency must accept this plan,” he said.

According to Paskalis, with the presence of a new province, the development cake will be evenly distributed. “As long as we don’t become a province, then throughout history, Southern Papuans will never become governors and chairmen of the Papuan DPR. Note that. But, if we are already a province of our own, then surely we Southern Papuans will manage ourselves,” he said.

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