Behind the Papua V 2022 Film Festival – The implementation of FFP V in Biak with the theme “Customs and Culture, My Dignity and Honor”, and the sub-theme “Knitting Culture and Restoring Ancestral Traditions as Local Wisdom for the Young Generation of Papua to Preserve Dignity and Honor”. There are three major elements in the implementation of FFP V, namely 1). Kitorang in Film Competition, 2). Kitorang Watch and Discuss Films and 3). Kotorang Learn Together.

At FFP V in Biak, the committee received 30 Documentary Films in the Kitorang Documentary Film Competition. Of the 30 films, the jury has determined 10 films including in the top 10 nominations. From these 10 films, it was selected and it was decided that 4 films were nominated for the big four, 1-3 winners and one film as the favorite winner.

The assessment of the cultural aspect includes a study of the customs, social, and habit patterns of the Papuan people in general or on the basis of each tribe as well as the development of culture in each tribe. The second aspect is communication which includes the rules of language, movement or behavior that does not contain elements of sara. The three visualization techniques include the consistency of making a documentary genre film, the continuity of the story visualized in the film.

The jury finally chose and decided on 4 (four) films, namely: Insar Syasewar Kombrof, the Director Ones J Msen. The film, which has a duration of 20:52 minutes, tells of Mama Mina Mayor from Insrom Village, Biak Numfor, Papua who is engaged in catching octopus. A woman and she was in her old age but Mama Mina is still strong and fit, rowing her boat to the beach for molo (diving) and catching Octopus in the ocean. The catch is sold to the market to meet the needs of his family. People in her village refer to Mama Mina as Sasewar Kombrof (octopus catcher).

Church, the Director Andreas Wahyu. The film, which has a duration of 08:35 minutes, tells of the Church (Church) of Agats Diocese, Papua, which provides a wide space for culture or customs in the life of the church. Residents express and express their traditions and culture in the life of the church in Agats Diocese. So that traditions/customs and the Church go together and complement each other.

Sa Pu Language Sa Pu Identity, Director Bony Lany. The film, which lasts 11:50 minutes, tells the story of how young people are trying to save their local language. This young community who lives in the Balim Valley, Wamena feels that their local language is increasingly being displaced by progress and foreign languages. They apply it to elementary-high school age children who are around the complex, so that in their daily life they still speak the Balinese language.

Sago Caterpillar Festival, the Director Yosep Levi. The film, which has a duration of 14:27 minutes, tells the story of the efforts of residents in Yoboi Village, Jayapura Regency, Papua, to maintain their local food. One of the local food is sago caterpillar. One of the ways they do this is to hold a sago caterpillar festival. The festival that is held is not just a ceremony but rather invites outsiders to benefit from sago and the people’s needs for sago in their lives.

The Papuan Film Festival (FFP) is an annual agenda initiated by young people in Papua. FFP has been running since 2017, becoming a space for expression for the younger generation of Papua in creativity and documentary film work to continue to tell interesting stories about indigenous Papuans. FFP is also the largest documentary film festival in Tanah Papua.

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