Be Alert, the Tidal Flood Predicted to Occur in South Merauke – The Mopah Merauke Meteorological Station is on alert for tidal flood that hit the southern coast of Merauke.

This is due to the Perigee phenomenon (the distance of the closest moon to the earth) on January 1, 2022 and the new moon phase on January 2, 2022 causing maximum tidal activity of sea water occurring in the period from January 1 to 04, 2022.

A Head of the Mopah Merauke Meteorological Station, Gatot Rudiantoro, explained that increasing rainfall and strong winds could affect coastal dynamics in the southern region of Merauke.

“This is going to be able to cause coastal flood or Rob. The public is urged to anticipate the impact of the maximum tide of sea water starting on December 30, 2021,” he explained in a circular received by, Wednesday, December 29, 2021.

The Mopah Merauke Meteorological Station predicts that the maximum tidal peak to occur on January 01 – 04, 2022. Rob flood has the potential to occur in several coastal areas of Merauke Regency as follows:

1. Waan

2. Kimaam

3. Tubang

4. Okaba

5. Malind

6. Semangga

7. Merauke

8. Naukenjerai

This has an impact on the disruption of people’s daily activities and transportation around the port and coast, such as the loading and the unloading activities, activities in coastal settlements, land fisheries, untill planting/harvesting activities around coastal areas.

“The public is urged to always be vigilant and alert to anticipate the impact of the maximum tide of sea water,” he said.

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