BBKSDA of Papua Receives Translocation of 51 Aves and Mammals Again – The Papua Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) received the translocation of 51 species of aves and mammals again on Thursday (15/7/2021). After previously receiving a translocation of animals from the East Java BBKSDA and Central Java BKSDA a total of 46 aves on July 1, 2021, this time the animal translocation comes from the BKSDA of North Sulawesi.

The 51 translocated animals consisted of 33 black-headed Kasturi (Lorius lory), 11 swamp cockatoos (Cacatua sanguinea), 2 single-winged Cassowaries (Casuarius unappendiculatus), 3 Boiga swans (Anseranas semipalmata), and 2 Papuan swans (Dorcopsis). hageni).

Among these 51 animals, there were 15 repatriated (returned back to their country of origin) from the Philippines, namely 11 black-headed Kasturi (Lorius lory), 2 single Gelambir Cassowaries (Casuarius unappendiculatus), and 2 Papuan Pelandu (Dorcopsis). hageni). The rest are confiscated animals and handed over to the BKSDA of North Sulawesi. The animals arrived at the Port of Jayapura by using a transportation mode of the Sinabung Motor Ship (KM).

Based on the results of the PCR test, all animals were free from Avian Influenza. In addition, there has also been a letter of serological and rabies test results confirming that all animals are in good health. Based on the results of laboratory tests, the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Papua Province has also issued a Letter of Recommendation for Translocation of Endemic Animals to Papua. Upon arrival in Jayapura, all animals received a re-examination by a veterinarian, and it was stated that all animals were in good health and would be rehabilitated in the Buper Waena Transit Cage until they were ready to be released into the wild.

A Head of North Sulawesi KSDA Hall, Askhari Dg. Masikki, conveyed, in addition to returning animals to Papua through the BBKSDA of Papua, his institution also returned animals to West Papua through the BBKSDA of the West Papua. In the future, hopefully these animals are healthy, safe, can return to their habitat and breed in prosperity for the sake of our natural balance.

The release and translocation of animals in 2021 is part of a series of activities “Road to HKAN 2021” with a theme, “Living in Harmony with Nature: Preserving State-Owned Wildlife” Bhavana Satya Alam Budaya Nusantara, fostering a love for nature and the culture of the archipelago.

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