Baznas, Papua, and Welfare – An Acting (Pj) Regent of Mappi Regency, Michael R Gomar S.STP M.Si, attended the distribution of productive and consumptive zakat carried out by the National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) of Mappi Regency to students and the community. The activity was conducted at the SD / MI MA’ARIF Nurul Huda Kepi Page, Thursday 23 June 2022.

The Acting Regent of Mappi conveyed that the distribution of assistance was a very noble activity given to brothers in need. He hopes that the assistance will be of benefit in the future.

“This program really assits the Mappi Regency government. In the future, the government to continue to support the Baznas program in Mappi Regency. I do not want to promise, but if the purpose of the heart and good intentions, I will help this program. Personally, I will distribute aid through Baznas,” he said.

The Acting Regent explained, Baznas is a part of the government and partners with the government for humanitarian purposes. The Mappi Regional Government highly appreciates the Baznas management and all Muslim communities in Mappi Regency who have organized this activity.

In the future, the government will sit down with the Baznas management and the Head of the Mappi Regency Ministry of Religion to plan the next work program.

“We hope that other community organizations can be reactivated. In the future, we will collaborate together, so that our shared duties and responsibilities to continue to maintain the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia in unity and brotherhood can be achieved,” he explained.

Not only Baznas activities, the local government will continue to support it in order to achieve the common goal of building Mappi Regency.

On the same occasion, a Deputy Chairman I Baznas of Mappi Regency, Baharuddin, thanked the Acting Regent of Mappi for the event.

“We appreciate the presence of the Regent who has been pleased to attend this opportunity. We, the Baznas administrators and the people of Mappi Regency are very proud that you can attend with us,” he explained.

He explained that the beneficiaries of the activity were 76 people consisting of students and the community categorized as a worthy of assistance.

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