Basic Commodities Prices in Jayapura City Still Stable Ahead of Nataru – A Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano ensured that the prices of basic commodities in Jayapura City were still stable ahead of Christmas and New Year (Nataru) 2022.

This fact is based on the results of the Jayapura City Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) inspection at the Hamadi Central Market and Jayapura Hypermart, Tuesday 30 November 2021.

“Onions, chicken meat, eggs, chilies are all still at stable prices. If we run out of food and prices gets soaring, then together with Bank Indonesia Papua, we will supply from outside,” said Tomi Mano after the inspection, Tuesday afternoon.

Tomi Mano asked the public not to worry about the price of basic commodities before Christmas, because they will continue to be monitored. He also appealed to distributors not to hoard basic materials.

“The TPID team also monitors expired goods and materials that are not suitable for sale. If there are traders who are caught selling the expired goods, strict action will be taken,” said Tomi Mano, who is also the chairman of the Jayapura City TPID.

A head of BBPOM in Jayapura, Mojaza Sirait admitted that he had not received the expired food items until Christmas. He also ensures that the traders still maintain the quality of the prices.

Nevertheless, BBPOM Jayapura will continue to intensify drug and food supervision, including food ingredients in the Jayapura area during Christmas and New Year. “This is to make sure that medicinal and food products distributed in the city remain safe, of good quality and useful,” said Sirait.

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