Based on Blood Type, We Know an Appropriate Papua Tourism For You! – Papua has a tourist charm which is extraordinarily beautiful and charming. You can find a variety of destinations that must be included in your holiday bucket list, ranging from beaches, lakes, valleys, mountains, to national parks.

If you’re planning a vacation to Papua and are still confused about where to go, here’s the quiz below! You will know which Papua tours are suitable for you to visit based on your blood type.

1. Blood Type A

Blood type A actually likes comfortable indoor tourist spots, but it doesn’t matter if you are invited to anti-mainstream places that tend to be less crowded.

The Baliem Valley on the slopes of the Jayawijaya Mountains is suitable for people with blood type A to visit. Here they feel calm as if they were at home.

2. Blood Type B

Blood type B extreamly likes challenges, especially when it comes to traveling. They are challenged to conquer a place and always want to get new experiences.

The Carstensz Peak in the Jayawijaya Mountains as well as the highest peak in Indonesia is suitable for people with blood type B to visit.

3. Blood Type AB

Blood type AB are people who don’t want to be complicated when traveling. They like to visit places getting easily accessible and not tiring. Sentani Lake in Jayapura is suitable for people with blood type AB to visit.

4. Blood Type O

Blood type O will always be excited when invited to take a walk to nature. They will feel comfortable when they are in green places and have lovely views. Raja Ampat whose the name is worldwide is suitable for people with blood type O.

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