Bappenas Enhances Collaboration by means of Papuan RIPP Meeting – The Central Government together with stakeholders held a Meeting for the Preparation of the Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development (RIPP) for Papua, Monday, January 17, 2021.

The RIPPP drafting meeting in Jayapura involved stakeholders from various circles in the region area. The meeting also involved policy makers from the Central and Regional Governments, the private sector, development partners and leaders.

An Expert Staff to the Minister of National Development Planning/Bappenas for Equity and Territorial Sector, Oktorialdi as a Chair of the Secretariat Desk Papua Bappenas conveyed that this intensive meeting for the preparation of RIPPP was intended to explore various inputs related to the direction of development in Papua Province, in the context of implementing special autonomy (Otsus) for the next 20 years.

“This meeting formulates the vision, mission, and principles of Otsus governance that are needed. This activity also aims to increase the collaboration of various stakeholders in order to accelerate Papua’s development in the context of better Otsus implementation,” said Oktorialdi, Monday, January 17, 2022.

He emphasized that the acceleration of welfare development in Papua was the mandate of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. “The President emphasized the importance of new spirit, paradigm, working methods and designs in Papua’s development, so that it is hoped that it will result in a leap in prosperity for the Papuan people,” said Oktorialdi.

In the plenary session, Oktorialdi explained the draft vision and mission of Papua’s development in 2022-2041. The RIPPP document being drafted puts “An Independent, Just, and Prosperous Papua” as a development vision that Papua wants to achieve in 2041.

Meanwhile, the Head of Bappeda Papua, Yohanes Walilo, hopes that the RIPPP meeting will change Papua in the next 20 years whose results are completely different from 20 years ago.

“So when it comes to acceleration, there must be a change, otherwise it’s the same thing. Therefore, I hope that Bappenas and the Ministry of Home Affairs will help Papua to develop a master plan so that it becomes the basis for the needs of the Papuan people and will actually be implemented for 20 years,” he concluded.

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