Bappeda of Papua to Launch SIMTARU 2.0 Application. – A Regional Development Planning Agency or Bappeda of Papua Province on Thursday (24/3/2022) will launch the SIMTARU 2.0 application. This application will optimize support for the entire process of spatial planning for the Earth of Cenderawasih for the next 20 years.

This was conveyed by a representative from the Papua Spatial Planning Program, Imelda Sihombing when met by reporters on the sidelines of a focused group discussion and public consultation on the revision of the Regional Spatial Plan or RTRW in Jayapura, Wednesday (23/3/2022). He explained, SIMTARU 2.0 is an application that has been developed from the previous system, so that it can be used for aspects of spatial planning.

“Previously Bappeda already had this application. We only upgrade [or improve] again, considering that spatial planning includes three aspects, namely, planning, utilization and control,” said Sihombing.

She explained that the SIMTARU 2.0 application can be accessed and synchronized from various types of devices. “SIMTARU is based on cellular phones and websites, so it can be accessed easily by the public,” she said.

The Head of Planning and Regional Development of the Papua Province Bappeda, Edison Howai hopes that the SIMTARU application that has been developed will increase community participation in reporting and sending evidence of spatial planning violations. He stated that his party together with the spatial planning forum will assess and follow up on public complaints through the SIMTARU 2.0 application.

“If there is an indication of a violation, please take a photo and tell us where it is. Then, send it through an application that has been provided by the government,” said Edison.

He said that spatial control of Papua would be more interesting, because it would be very participatory. Moreover, community participation uses technological input, so that everyone everywhere can be involved and report without having to come to the Papua Provincial Government Office.

“We will continue to socialize the existence of the application, so that it can be used properly. What’s the use of good planning and application if it is not used by all parties properly,” he concluded.

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