Banjibey Hill in Jayapura, Principal Place for Healing Troubled Young People – Jayapura Regency is a paradise that holds a million charms of natural beauty and charm.

In addition to its famous beaches, a popular tourist attraction among Gen Z and Millennials in Jayapura Regency, namely Banjibey Hill.

Administratively, Banjibey Hill is located in Hobong Village, Sentani District, Jayapura Regency.

From Sentani Airport, Bukit Banjibey tourist attraction can be reached using a four-wheeled vehicle with an estimated time of 24 minutes, covering a distance of 9.2 km.

In detail, to actually get to Banjibey Hill, tourists can access it from the new airport road, if from the direction of Jayapura City the road is straight, until they arrive at the Airport Radar Transmitter.

Then you can take the left path, then go straight to the Yellow Bridge, after arriving at the end of Hobong Village, and arrive at Banjibey Hill.

Currently, Banjibey Hill is becoming a prime tourist spot for young people, because it is considered a place of healing or “healing” from anxiety.

This was admitted by one of the tourists, Yosias Arwam who was met by saying that he often spends time with his colleagues on weekends for “healing” at Banjibey Hill.

“The place is cool in the afternoon, perfect for relaxing, especially for those of us who have busy work routines, this is perfect for refreshing the mind, and for those who are upset or hurt, this can really be a place for healing or healing,” explained Yosias .

Not only chatting, they also seemed to be at one with nature, especially before sunset, many were observed capturing the sunset from Banjibey Hill.

Of course, for visitors who are photographers, the moment of sunset from Banjibey Hill is highly sought after.

The reason is, when the sun enters hiding behind the horizon, in sunny weather conditions, the yellow-orange color degradation can be seen beautifully decorating the sky at Banjibey Hill.

Tourists can also observe the Cycloop Mountains which are not only sad, but also have become a “mama” for Papuan people in Jayapura.

Not a few, tourists coming to camp and spend the night, while releasing the fatigue of living in urban areas with their respective work routines.

This location is also safe, because the police have patrolled several times to ensure the security of the area around Banjibey Hill. For the entrance fee, visitors only need to pay IDR 10,000, including the parking fee, so you can enjoy the beauty of Banjibey Hill as a tourist. At Banjibey Hill, apart from the spot to enjoy the sunset and sunrise, at night it is also decorated with hanging lights.

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