Bambang Purwoko, a Papuan Education Fighter Who Is Now Passed Away – A Gadjah Mada University (UGM) lecturer, Bambang Purwoko breathed his last due to COVID-19. Besides being known as an Expert in the Government Science, Bambang is also a fighter for education for the Papuan people.

According to UGM Vice Chancellor for Cooperation and Alumni, Paripurna Sugarda, Bambang passed away at RSUP Dr. Sardjito on Wednesday (14/7/2021) at 09.25 WIB.

“Leres (that’s right) today, if the sick is hit by COVID-19,” he said on Wednesday (14/7/2021).

Paripurna said that UGM had been very lost of Bambang because of his great service. At UGM, Bambang is known as the father of education for the people of Papua, where Bambang’s house is also used as a place for dozens of Papuan children to study in Yogyakarta and later continue at UGM.

“His role is very great, he is a father for all Papuan students at UGM,” he said.

Besides, Bambang is also the Chair of the Papua Working Group and Head of the Center for Capacity Development and Cooperation (PPKK) of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisipol), UGM. Where he also participates in advancing a governmental education in Papua. Starting from the budget, leadership and so on.

Paripurna continued, Bambang also briefly joined the Joint Fact-Finding Team (TGPF) Intan Jaya and was shot while investigating and visiting a number of the families of the deceased Pastor Yeremia. As a result of this, Bambang had to undergo a treatment for quite a long time in the hospital.

“His leg was shot and it took him more than a month in the hospital to remove the projectile that was in his leg. His role is very great. We feel very lost, since UGM really pays great attention to the Papuan people,” he explained.

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