Babinsa and Residents in Mamberamo Raya Work Together to Build a Village Hall – In order to foster the spirit of mutual cooperation for all residents in Nadofuai Village, Sipisi District, Mamberamo Raya Regency, Babinsa Koramil 1709-05/Waropen Kopda Rolis Ayomi invites all residents to jointly lift wooden beams intended for the building of the Village Hall, Tuesday 4 January 2021.

“Jumping directly into the field to associate in the community is the most powerful and very effective activity to build togetherness and harmony with the residents, because as a territorial apparatus, activities like this must be carried out so that family relations with the community are closer and fostered, so that the target of territorial development and the unity of the TNI with community can be realized,” said Kopda Rolis on the sidelines of the activity.

Furthermore, Babinsa also added that as a Babinsa, one must always be close and always be in the midst of residents and take care of the surrounding environment.

“That’s why we took the initiative to invite all residents to work together in preparing the building materials used in the construction of this village hall, so that with the participation of all residents, the construction of this village hall will certainly run smoothly and according to the planned time. ”, added Babinsa.

Meanwhile, the Head of Nadofuai Village, Mr. Filef Imbiri, who took part in the activity, also said that it was extraordinary what Mr. Babinsa had done this time.

“Because of not being reluctant and not afraid of getting his clothes dirty, Pak Babinsa immediately carried the wood on his shoulders, besides that, thanks to Pak Babinsa, all the residents worked together in completing this work,” said the village head.

“For that, as the head of the village, I also thank you very much, Mr. Babinsa, because your presence has brought a great impact and benefit to the building of our village hall,” he said.

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