Awakening Business Actors in Papua – The Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia has now begun to decline, this certainly brings blessings to the community, business actors and the Government because for more than 2 years the activities of the community and business actors have not been able to be optimal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The slowing down of the number of cases of the spread of Covid-19 and the start of loosening of government regulations related to Covid-19 rules were welcomed by the Chairperson of the Papua Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ronald Antonio, S.Sos.,

Ronald hopes that the pandemic, becoming an endemic currently, should be able to raise the spirit of business actors in Indonesia to get back up again from adversity.

MSME actors can again make their production to increase the economy in all sectors and the government is also obliged to provide stimulants to all MSME sectors so that they can accelerate their economic recovery quickly and adjust the existing market share.

“We are very happy and grateful that the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, we hope that all business actors in all sectors can get back up again and we also urge the government to continue to care for affected business actors to be given stimulants so they can get up quickly,” he said. Friday (13/5).

Ronald admitted, apart from asking business actors to get back up, he also appealed to the community to help improve the national economy and the existence of business actors, so that every product produced or made by MSME actors must be able to be purchased, because proudly using local products this will further help strengthen Indonesia’s economy globally, is able to increase the degree of MSME actors and their existence, especially the circulation of money in Indonesia is also getting stronger.

“We also hope that MSME actors in Papua must also be able to rise after this pandemic has passed and the Papua Chamber of Commerce and Industry will also continue to give serious attention to Papuan MSME players to be able to rise up, be independent and prosperous, because the potential for developing SMEsK in Papua is still wide open from various business sectors,” he explained.

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