Avriandi: PON XX Papua Towards an Economic Awakening

goodmorningpapua.com – Music and performance of Papuan cultural arts in collaboration with other Indonesian arts enliven the 2021 Papuan Coffee Festival in Jayapura, Papua. The festival arena in the middle of the XX Papua PON was lively, although with limited visitors complying the provisions of the Health Protocol.

Several young men and women of Papua with friendly smiles served visitors at one of the booths of Micro and Small Enterprises (UMK) assisted by PT PLN (Persero). Their typical uniforms look neat and occasionally they show their ability to process coffee products of Papua.

These Papuan millennials are part of the UMK actors assisted by PLN Peduli. Not just maintaining an electrical reliability and supporting the sparkling of opening of PON XX 2021. PLN also provides energy for the economy in Papua by means of entrepreneurial activities for the young generation of Papua.

Avriandi Arch Jazziror Numberi, one of them. He looks happy to be able to participate in this festival and enliven the implementation of the XX Papua PON.

Avriandi admitted that the experience of being able to appear at the XX Papua PON event was a special opportunity. Thanks to the support and training program from PLN, the young man and his colleagues were able to demonstrate their processed coffee.

“This program is very useful for young people and many are in need. Possesing a shop like this is very difficult. We are helped by the CSR Program of PLN Peduli, so that we can open a shop,” said the Barista Mamta Caffe.

Avriandi said that at first he received help to learn to be a Barista in Depok, West Java and was brought to know the situation in Jakarta. After the training, he then opened a Papuan coffee beverage business with 3 other colleagues.

By now, they have only opened one unit in organizing the sporting event. The plan is that after PON XX Papua ends, 4 coffee shops will be opened, which according to him will be opened in the vicinity of the PLN business unit in Jayapura.

According to Avriandi, the trend of coffee connoisseurs in Papua has steadily increase and develop since 2019.  For him, this is an interesting business potential to be explored and developed by the young Papuan generation.

In the future, Avriandi hopes that PLN will continue other trainings. So that the young generation of Papua can continue to develop into entrepreneurs and drive the Papuan economy.

Avriandy is only one of about 40 coffee-based UMK activists in this festival which was attended by 100 participants in Jayapura. Overall, in the entire XX Papua PON cluster, there are around 400 Papuan SMEs participating in this sporting event. Most of them are young people, UMK activists who are specially assisted by PLN. Activities of coffee UMK are only one of them. There are still various forms of UMKM producing various products such as knitted bags, stamped batik, to Papuan crowns.

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