Association of Regents Pushes for Ratification of a Papuan Province of Central Mountains – An Association of Central Mountains Regents Papua continues to push for the ratification of the Central Mountains to be a Papuan Province. This is evidenced by a meeting with the Legislative Body of the Indonesian House and the Chair of the Draft Bill Working Committee.

“Today, I and several Association Regents, especially Yahukimo Regent, met with the Legislative Body of the Indonesian House to inquire about legislation or the development of the Draft Law on Provincial Expansion, especially the Central Highlands Province of Papua. From our monitoring results, it will soon be legalized,” said a Chairman of the Association of Central Mountain Regents, Befa Yigibalom in a release, Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

Befa believes that a Papuan Province of Central Mountains will be born with the Provinces of Central Papua and South Papua. This belief follows the plan for a plenary session on March 15 which will be followed by trials in the DPR RI.

He also asked intellectuals in Papua, especially in the Central Highlands of Papua, to close ranks and pick up the expansion. “Avoid any negative thoughts, and rather with these good mind, a country of love with whatever purpose it is, as good citizens, intellectuals must welcome them well,” pleaded Befa.

Befa also ensures that the province is not managed by the political elite, such as the regent whose term of office has expired. The presence of a new province must be seen from a broader framework.

“We must not think narrowly, suspect each other or make scapegoats and so on. However, it must be seen with a good outlook that the Central Government provides it for the development and welfare of the Papuan people,” he said.

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