Assistance of Education in Papua to Improve Human Resources – The quality of Indonesia’s human resources (HR) must be steadily improved, including in Papua. One of the supports that can be provided is the provision of stationeries to schools in Papua.

Those assistances are intended for students at various levels of education, from Early Childhood Education to Senior High School (SMA). The equipment provided varies, notebooks, drawing books, colored pencils, erasers and rulers.

TSE Group Public Relations Division Head Chinguk Cheong said, those stationery assistances can help increase the educational capacity of the community around the TSE Group operational area.

Cheong also hopes that this donation will be able to increase students’ enthusiasm for learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, which makes learning activities only possible from home. “Hopefully, with the new stationery, children can be more enthusiastic about studying,” he said.

The latest contribution made by TSE Group is to distribute stationery to 4,500 students spread across 36 schools in Merauke and Boven Digoel, Papua, last month. The gratefulness was conveyed by Novi, one of the outstanding students in the company.

Not long ago, TSE Group also had time to hand over stationery assistance to 48 students at the Preparation Elementary School in Miri Village, Boven Digoel. The donation was given in conjunction with the delivery of teacher honorarium assistance at the same elementary school.

Miri Preparation Elementary School is one of the schools that finds it difficult to implement the distance learning process or online during the pandemic due to limited internet network access. As a result, teaching and learning activities were stopped for some time.

Teda Gembenop, one of the teachers receiving honorarium assistance at the Preparation Miri Elementary School, said that the assistance provided could give more enthusiasm to the education staff and students. “With this assistance, children will be encouraged to be more active in school in order to achieve their dreams of a better future,” he said.

The commitment to care in the education sector is not only shown through the assistance of school supplies to students in rural areas. The company often gives scholarships to the children of the hamlet owners, honorarium assistance to teachers and the provision of school bus facilities. This series of programs is a form of the company’s concern for the welfare of the community around the company’s area.

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