Assistance of 100 Bibles to the Cerdas Junior High School of Papua in Serambakon Papua – Koramil 1715-01/Oksibil carried out social communication activities to the Papua Smart Junior High School Bina Bintang Cahaya Kasih Foundation located in Siminbuk Village, Serambakon District, Kab. Bintang Mountains, Papua, Saturday (15/10).

On that occasion, Danramil Captain Cba Dwi Wawan handed over assistance in the form of 100 Bibles which were received directly by the Head of SMP Papua Cerdas, Lewis Ningdana.

“We handed over this aid in the form of a Bible with the aim of increasing the faith and piety of the students at this school, so that a young generation that is intelligent, has faith, and has quality and fears God,” said Danramil.

Danramil explained that the purpose of his visit was to establish cross-sectoral communication with the world of education, especially the Papua Smart Junior High School to synergize in supporting more advanced education programs in the District. Star Mountains.

The head of the Papua Smart Junior High School, Lewis Ningdana, expressed his gratitude for the visit from the Oksibil Koramil at his school.

“We welcome the arrival and assistance of the Bible provided by the Koramil which aims to form students with character and fear of God. We are ready to synergize with the Koramil in positive activities that involve students. Hopefully this meeting will be the beginning for our future cooperation,” he said.

Meanwhile Dandim 1715/Yahukimo Lt. Col. J. Victorianus Tethool said that in the future the Oksibil Koramil would play an active role in national insight activities to build the character of the students at the school. “The implementation just needs to be coordinated with the school. In addition, we will also look for activities that can involve these students,” he concluded.

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