Asmat Local Government Collaborates with 2 Universities to Upgrade Educators in the Inland – The Asmat Regency Government establishes cooperation in the field of education with Yogyakarta State University (UNY) and Musamus State University (Unmus), Saturday 25 June 2022.

This collaboration to upgrade educators in remote areas was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Carrind Hotel, Merauke Regency.

The signing was attended by the Rector of Musamus University, Dr. Drs. Beatus Tambaip and the Chancellor of Yogyakarta State University, Prof. Sumaryanto virtually.

The Chancellor of UNY, Professor Sumaryanto explained, this collaboration is a synergy between institutions. “We welcome it with great pleasure. We will continue to oversee all of this,” said Sumaryanto.

In the same vein, the Chancellor of Unmus, Beatus Tambaip, said that this collaboration is one way to improve human resources for educators who work in the interior.

As the largest university in South Papua, said Beatus, Unmus has the responsibility to increase human resources in the South Papua region. Where, the growth of education in South Papua in the Otsus era for 20 years has been so slow.

“HR is the key to community success. The big change that is happening now is that with the formation of the Province of South Papua, it is necessary to increase human resources in various 4 regions,” said Beatus.

He hopes that the presence of South Papua Province will be able to develop human resources in the four southern regions of Papua.” With this educational collaboration, we can quickly help human resource development,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Asmat, Elisa Kambu emphasized that this collaboration is a regional government program to improve the human resources of Asmat educators. At least more than 100 educators will go through RPL education at the two universities.

“We hope that with this MoU we will synergize together. My responsibility is only to provide funds for strengthening the teachers,” said Elisa Kambu.

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