Arrangement of RUED, ​​Provincial Government of Papua: Basic Energy Needs are Starting to Be Calculated – The basic energy needs of Papua Province began to be calculated through the arrangement of the General Regional Energy Plan or RUED involving relevant agencies in the Bumi Cenderawasih area.

The Governor of Papua, represented by the Expert Staff of the Governor of Papua for Legal and Political Governance, Triwarno Purnomo, said that through the preparation of the RUED, ​​planning documents were produced that could meet basic needs related to energy.

“So that all of Papua’s potential and energy needs can be calculated properly in order to maintain the availability of energy supply and ensure sustainable development in Papua,” said Triwarno, through a press release received on Thursday (29/9/2022).

Meanwhile, the National Energy Council, Anang Kristanto said that the main purpose of preparing the RUED is to see the energy needs in Papua until 2050.

“Based on indicators of economic growth, population and development plans,” he said.

That way, the local government will prepare the energy supply side that must be prepared.

“But we certainly don’t forget to maximize the potential of new renewable energy in Papua which is very abundant and will later be included in the Provincial RUED,” he explained.

Similarly, an Acting Head of the Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Office, Elyas Wenda, said that based on Presidential Regulation Number 22 of 2017 concerning the General National Energy Plan, requiring local governments to prepare RUED.

Thus, the Papua Provincial Government through the EDDM Office cooperates and is supported by the Global Green Growth Institute Indonesia to carry out a series of activities to prepare the RUED document.

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