Aronggear, Earning Sustenance from Selling Coconut Sticks – Every day, Nanias Aronggear comes to Hamadi Market, South Jayapura District, to sell plates made of coconut sticks.

“One plate of sticks costs from Rp. 30 thousand to Rp. 200 thousand, one dozen contains 12 pieces,” said Aringgear.

Aronggear recounted that before producing his economically valuable work, once a week he had to buy a stick broom from his customer, which was valued at Rp. 20,000 per bundle.

The coconut sticks were then brought back to his home to be woven from good quality sticks, so that they became a plate his wife and children worked on.

“One time I bought it, I had to pay Rp. 200 thousand for 20 bunches of stick broom. What was not good, I tied it back to be a stick broom. One time, if there are a lot of materials, one day you can make six oiring sticks. My family live daily from selling these stick plates,” he said.

Although it doesn’t sell every day, Aronggear, who is 71 years old, is grateful to have activities that can send his children to college.

“Some of my children have become nurses, tuna fish entrepreneurs, and some have become government employees. I don’t want to be passive even though my child is already successful, so I fill my time by selling sticks,” he said.

From his efforts, in a month Aronggear could sell 10 dozen, even when December came he could sell 30 dozen. The result, in the end, can be good because the base is neatly arranged.

“I was not taught, I just watched other people and immediately practiced at home. One sticks plate requires 20 to 60 sticks. The buyers are Papuans and non-Papuans,” he said.

Furthermore, Aronggear said, his stair craft business was funded by himself from selling sticks. Every time there is a result, it is always saved for capital.

“As long as you are diligent, persistance, and hard work, there will definitely be results. Don’t be hopeless with the work you are doing, be grateful and don’t complain because God has already setup everyone’s sustenance,” he said.

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