Approaching the Nataru, Food Availability is Very Well Maintained in Papua – The availability of food ahead of Christmas and New Year (Nataru) in Papua Province is ensured to be safe. Event, the availability of food is very well maintained for the next 3 months, including fuel oil (BBM).

This was expressed by the Head of Unit 2 Sub Directorate 1 of the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate for the Papua Police, Iptu Imran Hutajulu in an interactive dialogue with the Head of Trade for the Disperindagkop Papua Herman A. Blesskadit in Jayapura, Thursday 15 December 2022.

“From the sudden inspection we did yesterday, food for the next 3 months has been very well maintained, including fuel. We hope that the public will not panic and the companies in the field will not take advantage of the current situation,” said Imran.

Irman said that his party had collaborated with the Papua Disperindagkop and the City of Jayapura Alam to check the availability of food prices which were feared there would be a shortage ahead of Christmas and New Year.

“We work together with Disperindagkop to always monitor basic commodities and other strategic materials, namely to be maintained in every region of Papua,” he said.

A Head of Trade for the Disperindagkop Papua Herman A. Blesskadit said the Provincial Government through the Industry and Trade Service had conducted a joint inspection of the Jayapura City Government and the Papua Regional Police to check food availability.

The inspection were carried out at several supermarkets up to Bulog and several basic food warehouses in Jayapura City.

“So the government’s attention remains a special concern ahead of this religious holiday, since the fuel really affects all commodities from the supply and stock supply side, because it is very influential for food commodities in the regions,” he said.

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