Appreciation of the Papuan Cultural Concert in Masohi – A Central Maluku Regent, Tuasikal Abua, appreciated the Papuan Cultural Concert, by Sentani Jayapura’s children, held in Masohi City, Sunday 4 April 2022.

The Regent in his speechs while attending the event said that the challenges of the times in the era of globalization have undermined integrity, morals, faith, character, culture, brotherhood, and the interaction between every human being.

Therefore, every individual who was born and in his growth period, especially at the age of children and adolescents, needs to be guided and equipped with religious knowledge, morals and character as well as more adequate knowledge and culture.

In this regard, the Regent invites all parties to be grateful, because the Spiritual Tourism and Papuan Cultural Concert activities are considered very important and needed to equip and guide the younger generation of the church.

“This is important to be able to do positive and productive things, to equip them to be a superior being of God in welcoming a brighter future,” he explained.

Abua admitted that the Cultural Concert was one of the creative ways to promote regional culture, create creativity and form the character of children and adolescents as well as build the spiritual resilience of children and adolescents.

“It can develop the spirituality of children and youth as members of the Church and also citizens of Indonesia, to continue to advance, excel and work in continuing their work and service for the church, community, region, nation and state,” he explained.

“Thus, the Regional Government highly appreciates the efforts and creativity of Sentani Papuan children and youth, to campaign for Indonesian tourism in the form of multi-activation of arts, ranging from music, dance, to musical dramas,” he concluded.

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