Appreciating the DOB of Papua to Accelerate Welfare and Equitable Development – The establishment of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Papua must be appreciated because it will accelerate the welfare of the people. The program is also expected to be able to equalize development throughout Indonesia, so that it is expected to be able to improve people’s welfare.

Papua finally has 3 new autonomous regions, namely South Papua Province, Central Papua, and Central Papua Pegunungan. The inauguration of the new autonomous regions is the most beautiful gift from the government, because the people on Earth of Cendrawasih have wanted it for years. Regional expansion will accelerate prosperity and equalize development in Papua.

Equitable development is highly expected because so far there have been differences between the western and eastern parts of Indonesia. It is even considered that development only exists in Java. In fact, the government is also developing Papua and providing special autonomy (autonomy) funds worth trillions of rupiah, to spread development in Papua. So that the addition of new autonomous regions will make the special autonomy mission a success.

Mesakh Mirin, a Member of the Indonesian Parliament from the electoral district of Papua, stated that the addition of new autonomous regions will increase access to development and have an impact on people’s welfare. In the past, there were only 2 provinces, namely Papua and West Papua. As a result, traveling from the provincial capital to the district is rather difficult.

In a sense, if there are now 5 provinces, it is hoped that traveling from one district to another will be easier. The reason is because if there is a new province there will be infrastructure development, including paved roads. The road is used for ease of transportation and the welfare of the people.

Why is it necessary that to improve people’s welfare by improving infrastructure? The reason is because if the road is good then the economy will run smoothly, because the delivery of merchandise is faster. Moreover, Papua’s geographical conditions are still difficult and the roads are not as many as in Java. If there are many roads, the relationship between districts and regencies will be easier and the sale of sago and other agricultural products will be faster.

Equitable development must be conducted because those who get a touch of modernization are not only in Jayapura, Merauke, or Wamena. But also to Yahukimo and other areas in Papua. Development must be carried out to remote areas so that the community can feel the benefits.

Infrastructure created in the context of equitable development is not only roads and bridges. But also electricity, internet network, and various other facilities. Communities will advance in various fields because they get support from the government, and Papuans are no longer synonymous with a life that is still traditional and outdated.

Meanwhile, the Head of the National Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, stated that after the establishment of a new province (in Papua), many Polda developments will be planned. The development will be coordinated with the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform. Also adapted to the needs of the local community.

The construction of the Regional Police is carried out to protect the Papuan people. Moreover, there are still many members of the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) who can show themselves in public. It is hoped that with the large number of Polda and police officers on duty, it will scare them and cancel their intention to attack the community.

KST really had to be controled because they had attacked many times, they even had the heart to murder their own tribesmen. In order to protect the community, a new Police is needed. The apparatus is the friend of the people and their presence is for preventive action.

If there are many new Polda, Papua will automatically be safer and this can affect the economy. KST once attacked residents and if there were them, community activities would automatically stop, for fear of becoming the next victim. But when there are police, KST is not brave and in the end people’s activities, including the economy, will run smoothly.

People’s economic activities must be maintained and this is one of the tasks of the police. If there is a Polda near the market, KST will not dare to attack and plunder. In addition, pickpockets and other people are also afraid. Finally, the wheels of the economy roll faster, because it is supported by security in the community.

On the other hand, the existence of Polda should not be considered as something negative. If there is a new Polda as a result of the establishment of a new province, then it would be great to prevent crime. The presence of the apparatus does not mean that Papua is a forbidden area or strictly monitored by the police, because they exist to protect.

To advance Papua, apart from the special autonomy program, there is also regional expansion. If there is a new province, there will be mass development that has a positive impact on the people, and they will be more advanced. Papuans can enjoy good roads, bridges, internet networks, and various other infrastructures.

The welfare of Papuans is the government’s concern, so that they can live a better life. People on Earth of Cendrawasih to be able to pass through the Trans Papua road and other roads, which to accelerate their economy. Infrastructure is a key to regional progress, including in Papua.

Author: Rebecca Marian ( a Papuan student living in Jakarta)

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