Applying Customary Sanctions, Yoro Cup XXV Football Tournament Officially Held – The 2022 Yoro Cup XXV Football Tournament is officially held at Kampung Bambar Field, Waibu District, Jayapura Regency, Papua, Sunday, July 24, 2022.

The oldest soccer tournament in Jayapura Regency was opened directly by Ondoafi Kampung Bambar, Orgenes Kaway accompanied by traditional leaders, as well as the Deputy Chairman of the All-Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) Regency Association of Jayapura Regency, Greg Yoku.

Orgenes Kaway said the 2022 Yoro Cup is the 25th tournament in Kampung Bambar. This tournament takes place by applying customary sanctions for teams that create chaos.

“This tournament (Yoro Cup) is the 25th, and will continue to be held because it has become our agenda in Kampung Bambar. Of course, this tournament uses traditional sanctions, there is even a ban for teams from participating in the Yoro Cup if they make a mess,” said Orgenes Kaway.

Orgenes Kaway, who is familiarly called OK, advised all participants to uphold sportsmanship in order to support the smooth running of the XXV Yoro Cup Tournament.

On that occasion, OK hopes that there will be support for Askab to advance the sport of football in Bumi Kenambai Umbai otherwise we will lose our parent, something like that.

“I appreciate the participation of all the teams and the good cooperation of the committee so that the tournament can be held,” said OK, who is said to be running in the upcoming 2024 Jayapura Pilkada.

Meanwhile, a Chairperson of the Yoro Cup XXV Committee, Otniel Kaway noted that 52 soccer teams have been registered as participants in the XXV Yoro Cup Tournament.

“It is estimated that in this tournament there will be more than 100 matches and we from the committee will also discuss using two more fields,” said Otniel who is also the Head of Bambar Village.

Otniel hopes that each team can show a good football game and still uphold sportsmanship, so that the XXV Yoro Cup Tournament can run smoothly until the end.

“What we hope is that this tournament can run smoothly and safely until it is finished, for that we always urge all teams to uphold sportsmanship,” he said.

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