ANJ Supports the Economic Resilience of the West Papuan Community via Cooperative – A Head of Community Involvement and Development (CID) PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ) Arianto Wibowo said his party was trying to improve the socio-economic welfare of the community, especially in West Papua. This, he said, also aims to make the community to get benefit from the transformation toward a more modern economy. To achieve this, ANJ has initiated various initiatives through the responsible development (RD) projects, and social engagement as well as development programs.

Arianto stated that the existence of several cooperative programs is proof of ANJ’s seriousness in developing responsible projects in the West Papua. One of them is the Savings Cooperative, which was formed to provide convenience to the public regarding the banking matters.

In fact, he said, the location of the nearest bank is more than 90 kilometers (km) with poor road conditions and transportation costs can reach Rp 2.5 million one way. In order to avoid high fees, people tend to use the services of intermediaries to bring their money to the bank. This is very risky, since there have been cases of theft by intermediaries. Seeing these significant problems, ANJ came up with the idea of ​​establishing a Savings Cooperative.

Over the past year, he admits, the Savings Cooperative has grown exponentially. Evidently, the transfer services have more than tripled with a total annual transfer of funds above IDR 27 billion. In 2020, the cooperative managed to raise sufficient capital to open a convenience store (toserba). This shop provides goods at affordable prices. The Savings Cooperative Department Store started in operating in May 2020 May 2020 and September at PMP.

Apart from the Savings Cooperative, he explained, the Transportation Cooperative is also another success story in West Papua. To that end, ANJ has initiated a responsible development program initiative since 2018. This program aims to encourage employees to increase their contribution to the company’s vision, which is to improve the quality of human life and nature.

Arianto explained, according to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), West Papua is one of the regions that has the lowest human development index (HDI) in Indonesia. On the same occasion,  Group Head of Sustainability and Corporate Communications  of ANJ, Nunik Maharani, believes that building partnerships and opportunities with local communities can boost the sustainable prosperity for the company.

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