An Observer: Region Division of Papua does not necessarily lead to polarization – A political observer of the Indonesia Public Institute (IPI), Karyono Wibowo, disagrees with the assumption that the division of the Papua region can lead to polarization. What is feared may not happen.

“In my opinion, the division of new autonomous regions (DOB) in Papua Province does not necessarily lead to polarization. I think, the division is aimed at welfare and acceleration,” said Karyono, Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

For him, the for and againt of every decision will always occur. However, he views that there are more parties who agree with the division of the Papua region than those who disagree.

“Well, if we look closely at the division, if we look closely, it is actually more driven by elites who are currently enjoying the situation and conditions in Papua,” he said.

He did not mention in detail the elite figure who did not agree with the division of the Papua region. He said that the elite is a group that is disturbed by the existence of pemekaran.

“They don’t want the power that they have enjoyed so far to decrease. Now, when there is division, their power is reduced, their authority becomes narrow. So, those who are against pemekaran are actually elites who do not want their status quo disturbed all this time,” explained Karyono.

Karyono said the division on Earth of Cenderawasih was a necessity, because, with a very wide geographical condition, an abundant natural resources (SDA) make the Papuan people more prosperous with the expansion of the region.

“The nature is very beautiful but extreme. It is precisely with the expansion that it will break the long and convoluted bureaucratic chain. It (the expansion) does not cause polarization, it is the elite that causes polarization,” said Karyono.

Previously, researcher from the National Research and Innovative Agency (BRIN) Cahyo Pamungkas argued that the division of the Papua region caused polarization in the grassroots movement like traditional councils, church councils, and local communities. On average, the Papuan people are said to disagree with the region division on Earth of Cenderawasih.

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