An Islanda of Ugar Fakfak , West Papua, Rainbow Fish Exists in the Cave – An islanda of Ugar  in Fakfak, West Papua, is one of the interesting places for tourists to visit. The Department of Tourism and Culture of Fakfak Regency has designated this island as a tourism village.

Ugar Island is a small island in Berau Bay, Fakfak, West Papua. To get there, tourists must take a motorboat for about 30 minutes from Kokas Harbor.

Ugar Island has beautiful water and land areas. The beach is white sand with coconut trees on the coast. The central part of the island is in the form of hills of tropical rain forest which is a habitat for endemic fauna, namely birds of paradise, angel wings butterfly, cuscus, maleo bird, and hornbill.

“The waters of Ugar Island have underwater charm with various types of fish and beautiful coral reefs,” said a researcher from the Papua Archaeological Center, Hari Suroto to Tempo, Saturday, September 11, 2021. Small islands around Ugar Island have archaeological traces in the form of prehistoric paintings on the walls. – karst cliff walls.

There are also large bear caves with beautiful stalactite and stalagmite charms. “These caves are in the middle of the forest,” said Hari who is also a lecturer in archeology at Cenderawasih University, Papua. In the area of ​​Ugar Island, there is a large vertical cave. The condition inside was so dark.

This cave has a pool of clear fresh water. The water comes from a collection of water droplets from the stalactites. Uniquely, in the freshwater pond there is an endemic fish measuring about 5 centimeters. “It’s a kind of white rainbow fish,” said Hari.

The majority of the population of Ugar Island is Muslim. An elongated settlement on a village road with an icon of a domed mosque. Ugar Island residents work as fishermen.

Tourists who come to Ugar Island can dive in shallow water or snorkel, see prehistoric painting sites, or tracing in the forest watching birds of paradise. The delicious culinary is grilled fish from fresh fish freshly caught by fishermen, and drinking young coconut water.

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