An Exoticism of Wasur National Park – Have you ever seen a photo or video of a towering ant nest? One of the sights can be seen in Wasur National Park.

Ever since 1978 Wasur Forest has been designated as Wasur Wildlife Sanctuary. This 431,000 hectare forest was then re-designated as Wasur National Park in 1990.

Wasur National Park is located in the southeastern part of the island of Papua, within the administrative area of ​​Merauke Regency, Papua Province.

This green area is one of the important wetland ecosystems in Indonesia, because it has high biodiversity potential.

There are 80 species of mammals that live in the National Park, 30 species are endemic to Papua.

The original large mammals found in the Wasur National Park area are three marsupials, namely the lively kangaroo (Macropus agilis), the forest/ordinary kangaroo (Darcopsis veterum), and the bus kangaroo (Thylogale brunii).

Meanwhile, the types of birds living here include the Irian eagle (Aquila gurnayei), bird of paradise (Paradisaea apoda), cockatoo (Cacatua sp.), mambruk (Goura cristata), kestrel (Accipiter sp.), nandur (Ailuroedus sp.), grouse (Anas sp.), to stork (Ardea sp.).

This national park is a very important wetland area for waterbirds in Indonesia, especially migratory birds to and from Australia and New Zealand.

Wasur National Park experiences two seasons a year, namely the dry season for 5-6 months (June/July-December) and the wet season for 6-7 months (January-June/July). This area has a monsoon climate.

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