An Association of Orthopedic Specialist Doctors Holds an Outreach Program in Papua – A Chairman of the Indonesian Orthopedic and Traumatology Specialist Doctors Association (PABOI) Dr. dr. Edi Mustamsir, Sp.OT(K) along with the Head of the College of Orthopedics and Traumatology Dr. dr. Ferdiansyah, Sp.OT(K), and the chairman of PABOI Sulsel Bar Branch, Irian Jaya dr. Jainal Arifin, Sp.OT(K), M.Kes. departed from Makassar to Papua to hold an Outreach Program in which there are various activities.

This was also stated by Dr. dr. Edi Mustamsir, Sp.OT(K)., the visitation activity with the Chair of the PABOI Collegium, is a series of events held by PABOI in Makassar, namely the 69th Continuing Orthopedic Education (COE) and the event will take place from 26-28 May 2022 where is dr. Jainal Arifin, Sp.OT(K), M.Kes as the host and chairman of the event.

Continuing the success of the COE 69 event in Makassar, Dr. dr. Edi Mustamsir, Sp.OT(K) said that he and his team in this trip to Papua, especially in the city of Jayapura, had several ends to achieve, including: Providing health services for the community or patients at the Jayapura Hospital; Providing education in One Day seminars; and Conducting visits to encourage Cendrawasih University through the Faculty of Medicine to open Orthopedic and Traumatology study programs.

“Given that the Papua region is so vast, and compared to the number of existing Orthopedic doctors, it is clearly very lacking. Thus, we strongly support that the Faculty of Medicine, University of Cendrawasih can open an Orthopedics & Traumatology study program here,” said the Chair of the PABOI and Orthopedic Collegium and Traumatology, between visits.

The Jayapura Regional General Hospital (RSUD) as a Teaching Hospital is also expected to encourage and be able to facilitate and support all facilities and infrastructure for the realization of this program.

At the same location, the Director of the Jayapura Regional Hospital together with the Chair of the PABOI Sulselbar Branch, Irian Jaya, expressed high appreciation for the presence of the PABOI Chair and the Collegium to be present to directly assist and provide education to professional doctors and nurses in Papua.

On health service activities, delivered by dr. Johanes, at the Jayapura Hospital there are 2 patients who will receive treatment by the PABOI Outreach Team.

Patients have complaints of infection of the cervical spine and waist with weakness in the right arm and difficulty walking. This operation has a fairly high level of difficulty because it requires special skills and experience. And this operation was handled directly by the outreach team of PABOI and Pedicle Club Indonesia (PCI), including dr. Yudha Mathan Sakti, Sp.OT(K) and Dr.dr I Gusti Lanang NAAW, Sp.OT(K).

“We are grateful that the operation run smoothly and both patients have improved postoperatively,” said dr. John.

In addition, during his visit, a One Day Seminar “Current perspective in diagnosis and management of osteoporosis and degenerative conditions in the spine and musculoskeletal system” was held with panelists including Prof.Dr.dr. Zairin Noor, Sp.OT (K), M.M., dr. Lia Marliana, Sp.OT(K)., M.Kes and dr. Michael Jhon T, Sp.OT, their presence to share about the latest scientific developments in the field of orthopaedics to doctors and nurses.

It was seen that the participants were very enthusiastic about participating in the seminar as seen from the full venue of the event and following the event until it was finished.

“On behalf of the Papuan people, I thank you for the presence of teachers and colleagues since they are willing to come all the way to Papua to serve us Papuan people,” he expressed.

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