An Asmat Regent to Build Ewer-Agats Road in Papua – The Regent of Asmat Regency, Elisa Kambu requested local residents for permission to build the Kampung Ewer – Agast City road section, the capital of Asmat Regency.

The plan for the building of the Ewer – Agast road section was revealed at a meeting of the Asmat Regent with traditional elders from two villages, namely Ewer Village and Syuru Village, Monday 17 May 2022 at the Asmat Regent’s residence.

“The construction of this road segment must be discussed together. If the community agrees, then the government will build the road,” said Elisa.

Elisa Kambu explained that in the Asmat Regency development design, the regional government and the central government have planned to build a road section from Ewer Airport to Agast City. The construction will pass through two rivers, namely the Peat River and the Aswet River. The connecting road is estimated to be 5 kilometers away.

“For this stage of development, we received funding assistance of 1.6 kilometers from the central government. Then, 1.3 kilometers from the government of Papua Province. This year, work has been begun,” she said to the community.

Elisa Kambu explained, in this development, the local government has provided compensation to land owners. This compensation will be paid in stages.

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