An Acoustic Music Festival in Wamena – In order to welcome the lively Christmas of 2022 and the 66th Anniversary of Wamena City, Kodim 1702/JWY in collaboration with the WERENE group supervisor, Marthen Yogobi and related agencies held the first concert and acoustic music festival in Papua Mountains Province.

The music festival will take place December 2-4 2022 by presenting various local bands, a competition for youth bands in Wamena City. It is hoped that through the festival excellent talents will be found and can show their talents before the public.

The acoustic music concerts and competitions will be held in front of the Monument of the Cross in an open field and it is hoped that all the general public will come to watch live free of charge. “There are already 20 bands that have signed up. This is a music event for the general public who want to participate and show their talent,” explained the initiator of the Dandim 1702/JWY competition, Lt. Col. Cpn Athenius Murip, S.H., M.H.

He explained that the music festival was also held to entertain the people of Jayawijaya City, in addition to discovering hidden talents possessed by the people of Wamena.

“I invite all the people of Wamena City to enthusiastically register their music group to enliven this music festival,” explained the Dandim.

The music festival will be broadcast live by RRI Wamena live by competing for prizes in the form of trophies, coaching money, and 1 complete set of musical instruments.

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