Amos Yeninar, an Ojek Driver in Papua Taking Care of Dozens of Children with Drug Addicts – The story of a motorcycle taxi driver named Amos Yeninar who built a rehabilitation centre for children addicted to glue and drugs has gone viral on social media. The story was first shared by the Twitter account @firashabrina on Tuesday (6/7/2021).

He told about Pak Amos who took care of 20 neglected children in Nabire, Papua at his own expense. The account also explained that Amos’ rehabilitation home had caught fire and the 33-year-old had a dream to build a proper rehabilitation centre. With the hope of saving addicted children to be healthier and happier.

He claimed he once had a desire to become a politician and aspired to be a regent. But the fate was otherwise. He had suffered from lung disease and doctors sentenced him to not live long. After that, Amos decided to live a better life and be a benefit to others.

Since then, Amos, who has no job, finally became a motorcycle taxi driver in 2017. Later, he began to approach abandoned children of aibon glue and drug addicts by feeding them daily.

After giving food frequently, the children began to open up to Amos and wanted to live in the halfway house he had set up simply. Amos admitted that he had various challenges while caring for children who were addicted to aibon glue and drugs. Moreover, he took care of them alone with the help of his wife only.

“Our experience when we were at the shelter, it was very difficult to take care of the teenagers. If they don’t eat (aibon glue and drugs), they can throw the glass at the house,” he said.

In fact, the halfway house that he founded in 2018 caught fire in 2019. This was due to teenagers throwing cigarette butts carelessly. Until finally, Amos got help from several people who saw the struggle while taking care of children in a halfway house.

Now, he has also established a foundation that focuses on rehabilitating children who are addicted to glue aibon in Papua. There are approximately 15 children ranging in age from 6-10 years old who he takes care of at an orphanage called the Indonesian Golden Generation.

“Now that I have founded a foundation, now we have an orphanage, there are children who are already living. We take children from an early age, because children who are teenagers are rather difficult for us to reach,” said Amos.

So, Amos’s dream right now is to build a more decent rehabilitation centre, so that neglected teenagers can live comfortably.

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