Ambaidiru Coffee Sales Skyrocket, 100 Kg Sold Out in a Week – Sales of Ambaidiru Coffee skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Unsparingly, 100 kilograms of coffee produced by farmers in the Yapen Islands sold out in a week.

The increase in sales is predicted to reach 4 times since the end of 2020. This condition certainly increases the enthusiasm of the Ambaidiru Coffee Farmers to increase coffee production.

“I can sell 100 Kg of coffee a week, in the past one month it didn’t reach 100 Kg, sa (I) think that only torang (us) who go down and sell at the store maybe tra (not) this much,” said Yordan Mora, one of the Ambaidiru Coffee Farmer, Saturday, October 23, 2021.

According to Yordan, the increasing sales of Ambaidiru Coffee cannot be separated from the support of the Mari Sharing Yapen Community led by Erny R Tania. The high demand is not only from within Serui City, but also from outside Serui.

“Besides selling to shops, especially powder coffee, Mrs. Erny Tania’s community has also helped sell it, so I’m happy to have helped me promote coffee,” said Jordan.

The founder of the Let’s Sharing Community (KMB) Erny R Tania said, Ambaidiru Coffee should be able to meet the needs of the market, which is getting more and more enthusiasts.

“We help sell it, sometimes they deliver it here, or we pick it up to Ambaidiru, thank God the coffee has been able to go to Jakarta, Jayapura, and other cities,” said Erny.

Erny said that the price of Ambaidiru Coffee was sold according to the price determined by the farmers. “We sell according to the price determined by the farmers, if there is more earnings from the sales we buy stationery, books, and bags which we will also deliver to the children in Ambadiru,” she said.

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