Amazed by Ugar Tourism Village – Ugar Tourism Village, which has the potential for marine tourism, succeeded to amaze Sandiaga Uno. He praised the beauty of the tourist village which was still beautiful even though it was raining.

Ugar Tourism Village is located in the Kokas District, Fakfak Regency, West Papua. This tourist village has the potential for marine tourism with panoramic views of small islands, blue skies, and very beautiful tropical rain forests.

With a myriad of potentials and beauty, this tourist village has made it into the top 50 of the 2022 Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI). Therefore, Ugar Tourism Village is one of the tourist villages visited by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno.

When visiting the Big 50 ADWI 2022 in Ugar Village on Thursday (13/10/2022), Sandi said that Ugar Village has charming water and land areas. He was treated to a white sand beach with coconut trees lined up on a very beautiful shore.

“All the way to Kampung Ugar, our eyes are spoiled with beautiful views, as well as extraordinary cultural attractions,” said Sandiaga.

In the official release of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, it is stated that this tourist village offers a landscape with small islands similar to the group of islands in Raja Ampat.

The small islands that make up the Ugar Archipelago are not only beautiful, but also contain archaeological remains. The relics are in the form of prehistoric paintings on the walls of karst cliffs.

While visiting the Ugar Tourism Village, Sandiaga was greeted by unfavorable weather. Even so, for him, the scenery of this tourist village is still beautiful.

“I just arrived and was immediately given rain, eventhough the rain takes place,  i remain to continue, because the rain in Ugar Village, Fakfak Regency brought blessings. When it rains the area is still beautiful. For this reason, Ugar Village must be developed as a tourist destination,” he said.

In addition to natural beauty, Ugar village also has a unique culture. The Ugar community, which is predominantly Muslim, has a historic old mosque with a unique architecture.

The mosque is named the Patimbrak Old Mosque which is located on the Papua peninsula. This mosque is one of the historical relics of Islam in Papua.

Because it is the oldest mosque, the architecture of this mosque is different from mosques in general. This mosque has a blend of architecture between a mosque and a church. The community deliberately maintains the architecture as evidence of the strong religious tolerance in Fakfak Regency.

With millions of potential, Sandiaga said his party will continue to develop Kampung Ugar. He plans to conduct training to the community so that the village can be independent and help the community’s economy.

Moreover, apart from the natural side, Kampung Ugar also has creative economic potential in the culinary field. They have a variety of special menus such as snapper in yellow sauce, tagas-tagas, stir-fried kangkong, bamboo-grilled chicken, palm cake, nutmeg syrup, to grilled coconut rice.

“Seeing these various potentials, we are here and will conduct training and assistance. Hopefully we can lift the economy of Ugar Village, especially Ugar Village has a unique history and sustainable ecotourism,” said Sandiaga.

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