Amazed by Papuan Youth Creativity, Postgraduate Students of UI Visit a Yoboi Sentani Village – Postgraduate students from the University of Indonesia (UI) and their supervisors visited a Yoboi Village on the outskirts of Lake Sentani, Jayapura Regency.

The arrival of the Masters students of UI in the context of a sustainable economics course in which there are external and internal sides, positive and negative.

The UI Masters students chose  the village of Yoboi Sentani as a factual example in social life.

Those Masters students of UI who visited Yoboi Village were Deden Habibi, Rachmat Gemelizar Debe, Bayu Nurpatria, Arsenius Aji, Komjen Pol Paulus Waterpauw and Roma Megawanti Pasaribu who were accompanied by the Head of the UI National Resilience Study, Simon Laturambe.

The names of Komjen Pol Paulus Waterpauw and Roma Megawanti Pasaribu were listed as regular active S2 students. These two names are not new in Yoboi Village, because during their time as Papuan Police Chief and Head of the Papua Regional Bhayangkari, they have visited the tourist village three times and this time is the fourth time.

Simon Laturambe as a UI lecturer was grateful that his entourage received a warm welcome by the residents of Yoboi Village with the accompaniment of drum flute music.

“Thank you to all of you, for your welcome and we are grateful to be able to interact directly with the residents of Kampung Yoboi, and to see firsthand the best tourist destinations in Papua. We are very proud,” he said opening the conversation of the visit.

He hopes that the arrival of his students in Yoboi Village can have a very good impact on future development.

Meanwhile, Roma Megawanti Pasaribu admitted that she was amazed and proud of the role of youth who are members of the youth group in Yoboi Village who could have a positive effect, which from the beginning only wanted to rejuvenate the village, with colorful paint, now it has become a tourist village.

“One thing that is interesting about Yoboi Village begins with the youth picking up the ball, at first just to make the village beautiful independently, without waiting for the help of the government or other parties. This is something that is rarely found,” said Roma who is also the wife of Paulus Waterpauw.

It turned out that from painting the village there was a positive external impact, namely that the village eventually became a tourist destination.

“Initially, young people in Yoboi Village did not think in that direction that their village would become a tourist village. However, with the creativity of the young people in the village, the village has become a tourist village. Even in many countries, one of the earnings comes from the tourism sector,” he said.

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