Alvionita Kogoya: A Student with Achievement in Mathematics from Papua

Alvionita Kogoya: A Student with Achievement in Mathematics from Papua – The name Alvionita Kogoya may still be unfamiliar to Indonesians. Nita (her nickname) is an outstanding student from the land of Papua who has made the nation proud in the realm of education. He was listed as a bronze medallist in the World Mathematics Team Championship 2014, in China.

Alvionita Kogoya’s achievements were afforded when she was still in junior high school. Before representing Indonesia in the World Mathematics Team Championship, this Nduga-born student had won various national level math competitions.

Thanks to these achievements, Alvionita Kogoya was invited to lunch by President Joko Widodo with 475 other achievers in 2016. In an interview with the President, Nita expressed that he had to walk for three to four days for studying at school.

“From Wamena to my place in Nduga, I have to walk, about three to four days. There is only one teacher teaching one school, its floor is ground and its walls are wooden,” Nita told President Jokowi, as quoted by various online media in Indonesia.

Besides, this student born in 2001 gave a few tips for learning easily mathematics which so far has been called a difficult subject for most of students in Indonesia. He said that learning mathematics must be inserted with games.

“So it’s not just for them having to know about the way, but the teachers also musn’t give them the material only; they have to insert a game, but math games; don’t just give them formulas, but where the formulas come from. If still being confused, they have to ask and then to practice at home,” explained Nita. 

When he entered elementary school, Nita himself was noted in academic as a not very clever child. However, after being brought into the Surya Institute located in Tangerang, he slowly began to show progress in the field of education.

“From the Nduga Regional Government, the children who have a low competence in lessons were elected. Then, I was taken to Tangerang to the Surya Institute. Being schooled specifically for three years.  We are schooled for studying special for the Olympics, “he added.

Nita herself as an outstanding student from Papua has the ideas to be able to continue her education at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. The reason is because in his hometown, there are very few medical personnel. And the most glorious thing is that Nita wants to found a hospital later to help people who have serious illnesses. 

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