Aloysius Giay: Vaccination in Papua Should be in Accordance with Local Wisdom –  A Director of the Jayapura Hospital, drg Aloysius Giay, said that vaccination according to WHO, the UN health agency,  is a human right choice. In his opinion, vaccination should not be coerced.

“But other people we meet also have the right to live  healthy. So what is being asked here is that we or other people should not be a source of contagion of disease to other people, because other people also need to live in healthy, so that there is no transmission,” he said, in the Synchronization Webinar on the Roles of Religious and Community Leaders on Government Policies for the sake of Integrity of the Nation with the theme of Covid 19 Vaccination in the Perspective of Christian Faith, which was held by the East Java Alumni Association in Papua, which was held on Saturday, August 21, 2021.

In the webinar, although he has been replaced, until now he is still the Head of the Jayapura Hospital, before the handover of positions. “I’m still signing papers and maybe 1-2 days I’ll accept it. So, to this day, I am still the Head of the Jayapura Regional Hospital,” said Aloy.

He explained the data he had, from January to June, Covid-19 patients treated at the Jayapura Hospital, actually more Papuan people (OAP) than non OAP.

The data shows that there are 30 OAPs, with details of 18 males and 12 females. While non OAP are 23 people, namely 11 men and 12 women.

Alo also said that most of the Covid-19 patients who got death were those who had not received the vaccine and had comorbid diseases. “Socialization has to be carried out by all parties, including the community in implementing the program,” he said.

He hopes that vaccinations carried out in Papua are adjusted to local wisdom. Because the understanding of the people in Java is different from that in Papua or elsewhere. Alo said that until now, the behavior of clean and healthy living among the Papuan people is still very low. “Then how do you want to be notified about vaccination again? If it is not accompanied by other understandings,” he explained.

Even if at this time there are people who after the vaccine passed way or were disabled, that is a real condition that happened.

“If there are people who are excessively afraid about vaccine hoaxes and have congenital diseases, I recommend that they do medical checkups first, then ask for a doctor’s recommendation whether they can be vaccinated or not,” he said.

Aloysius also hopes that there will be a joint MoU between the government and religious leaders, to help disseminate vaccinations in Papua. “The MoU must be accompanied by financing and evaluated, efficiency in this socialization program, so that the program can be transparent,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Disease Prevention and Control (Head of P2P) of the Papua Provincial Health Office, dr. Aaron Rumainum said that vaccination should not be forced. He gave an example in his family, his wife is an opponent of vaccines, including 2 children who do not want to be vaccinated. While the other 2 children have been vaccinated. “God showed them a way, 4 of my children have Covid-19 and thank God they have recovered,” said Aaron.

Doctor Aaron dealing with Covid-19 patients every day and has to help with funerals for Covid-19 patients, for him, for the past few weeks, the number of Covid-19 patients has begun to decrease in a number of hospitals.

“At least there are only 3-4 people left in the hospital ward. Unlike last July, many people have not been vaccinated, Covid-19 cases are  so high in Papua. We are also saddened, one of the doctors in Merauke died due to Covid-19, he has a congenital disease and has not been vaccinated,” he said.

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