All Presidents Takes Care of Papua, But Jokowi is Incredible – So far, Papua has received relative attention from every president leading this nation. However, a figure of President Jokowi is considered more attentive to the Earth of Cenderawasih.

This statement was made by the Ambassador of Civil Service for Papua, Michael Manufandu. He assessed that all Indonesian presidents are very concerned with Papua. However, during his six years in office, Jokowi gave extraordinary attention. The proof is based on data owned by Michael Manufandu, President Jokowi has visited Papua 15 times.

“It used to be limited in infrastructure such as bridges and now it is increasing rapidly. The price of fuel tariffs has also been the same as in other regions,” said Michael Manufandu in a webinar discussion of the Papua Podcast held by the European Association for Indonesia.

Michael admitted to be a witness that development in Papua is very advanced, even more advanced than the pacific countries. Now 4,231 km of roads have been built. As a result, Papua, which consists of 42 regencies and 560 districts, can be passed by car. “The airport has even 5 international runways. It used to be dark nowadays it gets electricity. This is a spectacular progress,” he explained.

“In other provinces it is not like that. I always advise the Governor that you use this trust as best you can. The Papua Special Autonomy Fund is a brilliant policy,” he said.

One form of the use of the Special Autonomy funds is in the education sector. Namely, providing scholarships for Papuan children so that they can study at home and abroad.

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