Ahead of PON XX of Papua, People Clean Yahim Dock

goodmorningpapua.com – The people of Dobonsolo Village, Sentani District work together to clean up trash in the Yahim Dock area. The cleaning of the Yahim Dock was conducted to welcome the implementation of the National Sports Week or PON XX of Papua in Jayapura Regency in October.

Darmaga Yahim is a port for the transportation of indigenous peoples living on Lake Sentani. The dock is the lake transportation base for residents of Babrongko, Simporo, Kameyakha, Atamali, Abar, Putali, Kensio, Yoboi, Hobong, Ifale, and Ifar Besar villages who want to travel to Sentani City, the capital of Jayapura Regency. Even though Yahim Dock was very crowded, the waters of the pier were dirty with piles of garbage.

A Head of Sentani District, Yohanes Erol Daisiu, said that the pile of garbage in the Yahim pier area was due to the lack of public awareness of wasting of garbage improperly. He stated that the garbage that had been collected and floated in the waters of Yahim Dock was the waste of residents of the Sentani urban area, the capital of Jayapura Regency, Papua, as well as the waste of residents of the coast of Lake Sentani.

The accumulation of garbage at Yahim Dock is also affected by strong east wind weather, so that a lot of garbage from the East Sentani direction is carried by the current to Yahim Dock. In addition, the waste of urban communities that is accidentally wasted on the banks of the river which empties into Lake Sentani.

“Environmental cleanliness is not a new thing. Yahim Dock has often been cleaned by the community, both those who live close to the pier, as well as social services like what is currently being done. Public awareness is needed to preserve and take care of the surrounding environment,” said Daisiu in Sentani, Monday (9/8/2021).

According to Daisiu, Jayapura Regency will soon be visited by thousands of guests of the PON XX of Papua. He believes that many PON guests will visit Lake Sentani, one of the largest lakes in Papua. Thus, there will be many PON guests who stop by Yahim Dock.

“The environment in which we live and work will feel safe and comfortable when the environment is clean. Moreover, there will be guests to come here,” said Daisiu.

In his view, the Sentani District Government has built dozens of temporary garbage dumps. He explained that each village also has an additional budget for environmental cleanliness.

Daisiu also hopes that the Yahim Village Government and other village governments pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment at Yahim Dock. Moreover, all the indigenous people of Lake Sentani use the pier as a crossing access to the island on the coast of Lake Sentani.

One of the residents of Kampung Yahim, Yosep Felle, admitted that the accumulation of garbage occurred at Yahim Dock due to strong east winds. He also complained about the garbage carried by a number of rivers that emptied into Lake Sentani, in particular the four major rivers near Yahim Dock.

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