After 14 Years Has Been Lasted, Puncak Regency Change its Name – A DPRD of Puncak Regency approved the change of the name of Puncak Regency to Puncak Papua Regency. The name change was determined at the local DPRD plenary meeting in Timika, Friday, July 8, 2022.

The plenary meeting was chaired by the chairman of the Peak DPRD, Lukius Newegalen, and was attended by other DPRD members. The plenary meeting was also attended by the Regent of Puncak Willem Wandik, the Regional Secretary, assistants and leaders of the Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD).

A chairman of the Puncak Regency DPRD, Lukius Newegalen, explained that the name change was a new history for the Puncak Regency since it was split from the main Puncak Jaya Regency in 2008.

“For 14 years using the name Puncak Regency and finally it was officially changed to Puncak Papua Regency,” he explained.

This Gerindra cadre said, sociologically the name change was the community’s aspiration to the local government, so the DPRD responded and finally the DPRD did a study and approved the name change.

Meanwhile, Puncak Regent Willem Wandik said the name adjustment was aimed at clarifying and distinguishing the mention of the name Puncak Regency from the names of other districts which are almost similar to the name of Puncak Regency, for example the name Puncak is still common and the public may think that it is only Puncak Bogor or Puncak Trikora.

“With the change of name to Puncak Papua, it is more specific to the districts in Papua Province,” he said.

The Wandik Regent said that people from outside Papua often referred to himself as the Regent of Puncak Jaya. Whereas in reality, Puncak Papua Regency.

“The addition of the word Papua is also to distinguish it from other districts,” he said.

The Wandik Regent explained that changing the name of a district was not only carried out by Puncak Papua Regency, but there were several other districts that also changed their names.

“After the determination of the name change by the DPRD, it will be consulted with the province and the Ministry of Home Affairs, for the numbering to be included in the state gazette and the regulations are legalized,” he said.

The Regent thanked the DPRD for approving the name change and it is hoped that in the future, the name Puncak Papua can be used by the community and the Puncak Papua Regency to be better known, including in the development that goes well.

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