Afni Adds a Gold for Papua from Shooting Branch in Peparnas – A Papuan Shooting Athlete Afni Ramadhani won the gold medal again in the 10 meter (m) Air Rifle Women Prone -SH2 with a total score of 631.4 Points in the XVI Papua National Shooting Sport, Friday (12/11/2021).

The total score of 631.4 points achieved by Afni was not easy because she had to compete with six other athletes who competed in this number.

Afni revealed that for 60 minutes Afni managed to collect points in the shot to a point that has a high value.

In 10 minutes on going, Afni got a score of 105.4 points, then in the 20th minute with 106.2 points, in the 30th minute with a score of 104.8 points, in the 40th minute with a score of 105.2 points, in the 50th minute with a score of 105, 9 and in the 60th minute with a score of 103.9 points, total chord 631.4 points.

While in second place, the silver medal was won by a shooting athlete Kristina Handika Putri from Papua with a score of 624.5 points. Meanwhile, Salamiah won the Silver Medal from South Kalimantan with a score of 622.5 points.

Afni won a gold medal, adding to Papua gold obtaining to eight gold. Previously, Athlete Tawin (Papua) won one gold in the 10 meter (m) Air Rifle Prone Men – SH2 with a total score of 626.7 points.

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