Advancing Government Science in Papua – Chairman of the Indonesian Government Science Society (MIPI) Bahtiar expressed his hope regarding the study of government science that could be developed in Papua.

Bahtiar conveyed importance of advancing government scienec at Papua in the webinar of the Papua Provincial Government Science Society for the 2022-2026 period entitled “National Development in the Context of Implementing Law No. 2 of 2021”. The webinar took place in a hybrid manner at Hotel Horison Ultima Entrop Jayapura, Saturday (6/8/2022).

“I am really concerned about how we can enlarge this MIPI in Papua, so in Papua. Because of back and forth discussions, discussions, our problem is ultimately the human resource. We can list a thousand problems, we can also list a thousand solutions, in the end to treat all these problems are human resources,” he said.

Bahtiar explained that MIPI is a large government science organization consisting of scientists, academics, and practitioners. He hopes that in the future the MIPI management in Papua can play an important role in the development of independent and autonomous governance.

He continued, taking into account the growing phenomena of government, alternative thinking patterns are needed to find solutions and deal with new situations. It is not only about problems at the local level, but also at the international or global level.

“In the past, maybe we studied government science, we only knew and understood the local governments where we were. For example, local government in Indonesia, but today, the science of comparative governance between countries is developing,” he explained.

To face these challenges, Bahtiar expressed the need for understanding related to culture and values ​​in dealing with various emerging challenges. A concrete example like what happened in Papua, if in other areas murder cases are handled through criminal means, in Papua they can be resolved by customary law. This shows how strong the influence of customary law is in Papua.

“If the approach is all criminal, this will not solve problems in areas like this. Well, wealth like this is extraordinary. I am sharper and more concrete in the science of government,” he explained.

He stated that there is no local government model in the world like the model applied in Papua. The reason is that the government system in the area is filled by the executive, legislative, and government institutions called the Papuan People’s Assembly. Even more unique, the provincial parliament or local parliament also has a different appointment system.

“So that people in other parts of the world understand, know, understand, it turns out that studying government politics has another model, with humans, with culture, uniqueness that is different from other parts of the world,” he said.

Even with the existence of Law (UU) Number 2 of 2021 concerning the Second Amendment to Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for the Province of Papua. Through this regulation, the model of governance in Papua can be further developed and conceptualized.

Bahtiar emphasized that MIPI is present in the midst of society and requires people who always think critically. This is conducted to support the government in carrying out its role so that it is based on science.

“I want the government science community in Papua to be a forum for intellectuals, practitioners, anyone in Papua to exchange ideas, dialogue. Once again, because the core of all of our work, out of a thousand problems, it seems that it is human resources that we must solve,” he said.

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