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Adrian Mattheis: Required to attract many tourists to Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – There is something unique about the figure of an MMA fighter from Sorong, Papua named Adrian “Papua Badboy” Mattheis, where one of Indonesia’s mainstay athletes always wants to entertain his fans.

One of the ways that this representative of Tigershark Fighting Academy does is to always display a typical Papuan style and dance before he fights in Circle ONE.

The man growing up in Papua often uses his performances at ONE as a means for fans and audiences to appreciate Indonesia, especially Papua.

Not only with his matches in the Circle, Adrian also often uploads posts about the beauty of his home province.

In Adrian’s view, Papua has an attraction that is not inferior to Bali or various other best tourist locations in Indonesia. Therefore, this MMA strawweight fighter often uploads many photos and videos on his official Instagram account.

Adrian revealed that he also wants to see his second home grow into one of the most important tourist destinations, just like Bali and Sumba.

“Papua Badboy” explained that there are many attractions from Papua, such as the atmosphere and the beauty of its natural scenery, as well as the various diving sports available.

“There are so many good diving spots, unfortunately I don’t have an underwater camera. So I don’t have the courage to show it yet,” he explained.

“Actually, what I posted on my Instagram was a long time ago, and I have tons of photos and videos like that. However, I want to wait for a good moment to upload everything.”

His moments include the time he faced former ONE Strawweight World Champion Alex “Little Rock” Silva for the second time in their rematch at ONE 158.

Even though he had to swallow the bitter pill in the hands of Silva’s slippery submission, this young star still earned the respect and praise of the veteran MMA fighter.

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