Ade Yullen Keeps Promise, Clean Water Enters Roipi untill Menawi Yapen – A Chairman of Commission B of the Yapen Islands Regional House of Representatives (DPRD), Ade Yullen Banua, kept his promise to solve the clean water problem of the residents of Roipi 2 Village within a month.

Besides being able to be enjoyed by the residents of Kampung Roipi II, the clean water that has been waiting for so long has also reached the residents of Kampung Menawi and its surroundings.

A Head of Menawi Village, Herman Bonai, appreciated Ade Yullen Banua’s quick movement in responding to the aspirations of the community. Moreover, the Legislators of the NasDem Party fulfill the aspirations of the citizens in a month.

“We have been waiting for more than 20 years for this clean water and it was only answered during this period that Mr. Ade Yullen only (in) one month, greatly eased the local residents,” said Herman.

The same thing was conveyed by Delvina Kaiba, who admitted that he was greatly helped by access to clean water from the NasDem politician. Previously, he and other residents had to enter the forest to get clean water.

Apart from the forest, said Delvina, some residents also have to travel 2 kilometers by boat across the island. “Mama Su (already) is not tired anymore to paddle the boat to fetch water, now all you have to do is open the faucet in front of the house, clean water is already there,” he said happily.

Currently, around 30 more households have clean water from the struggle of Ade Yullen Banua. “In the future there will be more and more houses that will obtain it, almost 70 more, off course slowly but surely we will make this clean water for residents,” said Ade Yullen Banua.

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