Action to Plant 200 Tree Seeds on Yohiki Island Papua – The Sentani Indigenous Youth Communication Forum (Kompas) planted 200 tree seeds in an event to commemorate World Environment Day which be on June 5, 2022 on Yohiki Island, Jayapura Regency, Papua Province.

A chairman of the Kompas Forum, Yonas Kalem, said that the forum was formed several years ago. The first activity was cleaning up trash and planting trees on the commemoration of World Water Day (22/3/2022).

“We saw a place where there were no trees. And this is our program, namely reforesting areas with springs,” he said on Yohoki Island, Putali Village, Sentani District, Sunday (6/6/2022).

Several types of tree seedlings, such as Spruce and White Teak, are planted in areas that support springs.

He hopes that the community around the village can also assist to take care of the tree seedlings that have been planted.

“The community must also understand not to cut down trees indiscriminately. I have asked the village head to pay attention and also support this,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Jayapura Regency Government through the Jayapura Regency Environmental Service (DLH), Abdul Rahman Basri, also attended the tree planting and greatly appreciated and supported the program conducted by Kompas.

“Being a synergy with the government, namely the village as well as the community and correctional institutions in the context of environmental development,” he said.

In order to welcome the commemoration of World Environment Day, it is an idea from the community and society to work together in environmental development from various aspects.

He said, the theme of this World Environment Day celebration was One Seed for the Future, in which Jayapura Regency has also carried out various activities with the government.

The DLH activities in Jayapura Regency are environmental management, cleaning of lakes and rivers, and tree planting.

“Today’s activity is a series of community participation in welcoming world environment day,” he said.

Meanwhile, the celebration of Environment Day will be held by the Jayapura Regency in integration with the Provincial Government on June 10, 2022 in Ifale Village, Sentani District which is planned to be led by the Jayapura Regent, Mathius Awoitauw.

In this activity, Sago seedlings will be planted from the fostered residents and the Environmental Service.

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