Achievements in Fighting for West Papua, a Junior Athletes of Weightlifting Reap Compliment – Worship together to celebrate the achievements of the West Papua Weightlifting athletes in the National Junior and Youth Invitation Championships took place full of wisdom. An Acting (Pj) Governor of West Papua, Komjen Pol. (Ret.) Drs. Paulus Waterpauw, M.Si also gave an award in the form of coaching money.

In his reflection on his firm, Pdt. Welly Rumbarar stated that with love and inclusion all things will be added for those who put their hope in God.

“We both believe not only for today, but in the future they (athletes) will continue to make achievements. The Bible says, we are not only winners but more than winners,” said Pdt. Welly, Tuesday night July 12, 2022.

The Acting Governor of West Papua appreciates the efforts and hard work of the athletes who really hone their skills from an early age. He emphasized that as a state administrator, it is obligatory to pay attention to generations who have brilliant achievements.

The Acting Governor of Waterpauw also recounted his experience while fighting in volleyball sporting events for East Java and the Junior National Team. He continued, it is a great honor if an athlete can present a championship title, so that it must be given an award.

“Personally, I certainly express my appreciation and respect, starting from the Pabersi management who are extraordinary in accommodating our children, coaches and managers. I think this is a good moment and a trigger, as state administrators, we take care of things like this. This is a basic service,” he explained.

Each medal won received a different award by the Acting Governor of West Papua, namely 1 gold medal of Rp. 15 million, 1 silver medal of Rp. 10 million and 1 bronze medal of Rp. 7.5 million.

“There are many youths but only a few have been chosen to spend their youth time defending the banner of the region and the country. Give appreciation, do not mismanage. They are ambassadors and the name West Papua came about because of them, not others. They are native Papuans,” he said.

The Regent of Manokwari Regency was also asked to pay attention to fostering and assisting the availability of supporting facilities so that later the golden generation can speak a lot for the sake of regional pride. In addition, collaboration with the technical OPD of the West Papua Provincial Government, while conveying advice so that children remain serious in taking education.

“This is a trigger. Mr. Regent and staff, will see you (them) too. It’s amazing to have great achievements, later we will talk so that the athletes whose achievements we foster, we target. Continue to maintain performance. You hope the school is good, be the best athlete and the target is red and white everywhere,” said the Acting Governor of Waterpauw.

A General Chair of the West Papua Indonesian Heavy Lifting Association (Pabersi), Agustinus M. Rumbino, who carries out daily duties as Head of the Government Bureau and Regional Secretariat of West Papua, delivered his report on the occasion.

He explained that the participation of the weightlifting athletes in the event was intended to measure abilities, to find the achievements of West Papuan Pabersi junior athletes, including the means of preparation for early-age athletes to the National Sports Week (PON).

The Invitation Junior and Youth Championship Classical Weightlifting II in Bali was attended by 19 provinces. West Papua fielded 6 athletes, 2 coaches and 1 manager. Athletes managed to win 12 gold medals, 3 bronze medals and 3 silver medals.

The following is a list of the medal-winning athletes:

1. Dinisia Araima Injakrai, 84 Kg Young Women Class, 4 Gold Medals.

2. Naomi Tabuni, Class of 63 Kg Young Women, 4 Gold Medals.

3. Dolfina Monika Busuma, 84 Kg Junior Women’s Class, 4 Gold Medals.

4. Peter Y.G. Kerewai, Class 74 Kg Young Men, 3 Silver Medals.

5. Federika Pigome, 69 Kg Young Women Class, 3 Bronze Medals.

6. Mozad Melianus Rumaikew, 53 Kg Junior Men Class, 1 Bronze Medal.

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